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Monday, 17 February 2014 09:37

Ms-57 June, 2010 Maintenance Management

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June, 2010

Ms-57 : Maintenance Management

1. What are the life cycle cost components for any plant ? How can maintenance affect the life cycle profits of any equipment and plant ?

2. What are the important components of a maintenance organization ? Name the key issues affecting the maintenance organization structure.

3. Briefly describe the concept of reliability, maintainability and availability. Why it is said that 100% reliability of all components of a machine or equipment is not always aimed to achieve ?

4. Discuss the internal customer concept with reference to maintenance activities in a typical Indian Organization. Should maintenance activities be integrated into the operator's daily workload ?

5. "Overhauling of plant and equipment constitutes an important part of the preventive maintenance effort of a manufacturing organization". Discuss.

6. What is condition-based maintenance ? What are the key steps involved in implementing condition based maintenance in any plant ?

7. Write short notes on any two of the following :

(a) Reliability Centred Maintenance.

(b) CMMS Modules.

(c) Constant Hazard Model.

(d) Importance of Maintenance Audit.

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