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Ms-55 June, 2011 Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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June, 2011

Ms-55 : Logistics and Supply Chain Management

1.  (a) Discuss the goals of a supply chain and explain the impact of supply chain decisions on the success of a firm.

(b) Describe the supply chain for a paper manufacturing organization.

2.  (a)  What is more important - inbound or outbound logistics in a supply chain ? Why ?

(b) "SCM and BPR have a common goal and are interrelated". Comment.

3.  (a) What are the fundamental mistakes commonly made while capturing information ? How would these mistakes be eliminated in SCM ?

(b)  Discuss whx, the high - tech industry has been leader in adopting supply chain IT systems.

4.  (a)   What is the impact of lack of coordination on the performance of a supply chain ?

(b) What are various kinds of challenges faced during the process of bench marking ?

5.  (a) What modes of transportation are best suited for large, low - value shipments ? Why ?

(b)  Discuss the legal issues concerning logistics. List the categories of dispute resolution.

6.  (a) Discuss the importance of outsourcing services like third and fourth party logistics.

(b) Discuss SCM strategies for the relatively new education supply chain. 

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