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Sunday, 16 February 2014 14:19

Ms-43 June 2013 Management Control Systems

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June, 2013

MS-43 : Management Control Systems

1. Define the concept of strategy. Explain the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) model, General Electric (GE) planning model and highlight their usefulness in formulating business unit level strategies.

2. Explain the following:

(a) Just In Time (JIT) and Management Control System

(b) Benchmarking and Management Control System

3. What is a 'Responsibility Centre'? Why are they established? Explain the different types of Responsibility Centres.

4. What is Arm's Length Principle ? Explain the traditional transaction methods used for determination of transfer price.

5. What do you understand by Performance Measurement ? Explain in detail the G.E. performance measurement frame-work.

6. What are the objectives of Reward and Compensation plan. Discuss the various types of long term incentive plans.

7. Explain the following :

(a) Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

(b) Enterprise Resource Planning

8. Discuss the special characteristics of Non Profit Organisations and explain the focus areas of Management Control Systems for such Organisations. 

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