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Ms-6 june 2009

MS-6   june, 2009

MS-6 : Marketing for managers


1.What is Social Marketing ? Explain Social Marketing in terms of its objectives and the applicability of the 4Ps, giving suitable examples.

2.(a) What is Marketing Research ? Discuss its relevance in the field of Marketing.

(b) Briefly explain the various steps in marketing research process.

3.a) Identify the basic factors that prompt a firm to brand its products. Select any consumer product of your choice and suggest a suitable brand name for it. ]ustify your choice on the basis of certain marketing criteria to be followed.

b) What are the elements of Promotion Mix? Explain in brief giving suitable examples.

4. Write short notes on any three of the following :

a) Physical distribution tasks

b) Controlling the Sales Personnel

c) Co-ordinating with the Advertising Agency

d) Legal dimensions of packaging

e) Reasons for growth of the service sector


5. (a) In the current scenario of recession and low consumer motivation various comPanies are being proactive in their marketing approach. Assuming that you are the Marketing Manager of an FMCG company planning to introduce Ready to eat food. Suggest a suitable STP strategy for the same.

(b) A progressive company is contemplating to launch a cordless electric broom as an innovative product.

Detail out the marketing mix for the product and formulate a suitable marketing strategy for this breakthrough product.

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