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Annamali university assignments 2016 Featured

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1. “Planning is looking ahead, and Control is looking back”. Comment.
2. Why do most of the large department stores and supermarket chains organize their stores on a territorial basis and then organize the internal store units by products? Give examples from your own experience.
3. “You cannot Motivate managers. They are self-propelled. You just get out of their
way if you really want performance”. Comment.
4. Why do most of the controls of overall performance tend to be financial? Should
they be? What else would you suggest?
1. “Management accounting is nothing else but financial and Cost Accounting
tailored to the requirements of management.” Defend or Criticise the statement.
Give reasons.
2. Two Companies have the same amount of working capital. The current debt
paying ability of one company is much weaker than that of the other explain
your views how this could occur.
3. From the following information you are required to prepare a Balance Sheet.
a. Current Ratio – 1.75
b. Liquid Ratio – 1.25
c. Stock Turnover Ratio [cost of sales/closing
d. Gross Profit Ratio – 1/3 % on cost of sales
e. Debt collection period – 1.5 months
f. Reserves and surplus to capital – 2
g. Turnover to fixed assets – 1.2
h. Capital Gearing Ratio – 0.6
i. Fixed Assets to Net Worth – 1.25
j. Cost of sales – ` 9,00,000/-
4. From the following summarised Balance Sheets of Jamaal Structural Ltd., as on
31st March 2014 and 31st March 2015, prepare:
(i) a statement of sources and application of funds
(ii) a statement of changes in working capital.
Liabilities As on
As on
31.3.15 Assets 31.3.14 As on 31.3.15 As on
Share capital 3,00,000 4,50,000 Fixed Assets 3,50,000 5,50,000
Reserve and surplus 1,50,000 3,50,000 Investment 50,000 30,000
Long-terms Liabilities 1,25,000 - Machinery 2,15,000 75,000
Sundry Creditors 2,25,000 2,75,000 Stock 15,000 2,75,000
Provision for tax 50,000 95,000 Debtors 1,75,000 1,50,000
Prepaid Expenses 20,000 45,000
Miscellaneous Expendi., 25,000 45,000
8,50,000 11,70,000 8,50,000 11,70,000
Additional Information:
1. Depreciation written off during 2015 was ` 80,000/-
2. On 31st March 2015, accumulated depreciation on fixed assets amounted to
`1,75,000/- and on 31st March 2014, ` 1,25,000/-.

3. Machinery costing `50,000/-, accumulated depreciation there on being
` 3,000/- was discarded and written off during 2015.
4. During the current year. Investment costing `10,000/- were sold for `12,500/-.
5. Dividend paid during the year amounted to `32,500/-.

1. Take the IT (Information Technology) Industry as an example for Perfect Competition and analyse the character.
2. Prepare an essay to show the growth of National Income in India after post Independence.
3. Out of your experience find out the reasons for failure of business fore-casting even in the case of leading experienced companies.
4. Differentiate monopolistic competition with perfect monopoly and analyse the differences with diagrammatic representation.
1. ‘A deceit which does not deceive is no fraud’. Critically examine this statement.
2. The law of Partnership is but an extension of the law of Principal and Agent –Comment.
3. Will a Pledge made by a non owner of the goods be valid always? Elaborate.
4. Directors of a company are not only its agents but they are also in some sense
trustee of the company- Discuss.

1. Identify some of the major personality traits of Indian managers. Can a manager
use such traits in shaping his/her actions for better results in the organizations?
2. Discuss the motivational profile of Indian managers and workers. Give your
suggestion towards enhancing the motivational profile of the same.
3. ‘Organisational development involves the growth and development of organization
in the light of its future expansion plan’. Elaborate your views.
4. ‘Managers must do everything they can enhance the Job satisfaction of their
employees’. Do you agree or disagree-Support your views.
1. Discuss the ways in which non-verbal communication helps the managers to
interact with subordinates effectively. How Johari Window helps in communication?
2. Illustrate the ways in which managers use the grapevine or informal communication for their benefit. Assume that you are a HR Manager how these communications will useful to know the mood of union leaders.
3. “Business communication is very vital for successful business organization in the globalization era”.- Discuss.
4. It is said “actions speak louder than words”. Explain the importance of this statement in non-verbal communication with suitable examples.
1. Corporate restructuring is the process in which business firms engage in a broad
range of activities including expanding, shrinking and otherwise restructuring assets and ownership structures. In this context, discuss the various forms of restructuring.
2. MTA is the latest addition in telecom sector offering mobile service. Its main
competitors are BSNL, TATA Indicom and Reliance and Vodafone. Devise a
launch strategy with specific focus on product availability and more visibility
also chart out a plan to compete with the leaders.
3. Draft a Vision, Mission, Objectives and Policy Plan for an Automobile company
dealing in midsized car. The company is planning to sell the cars in the price
range of Rs. 5 to 6 Lakhs in Indian market. The company is already established
in the US car market.
4. Explain Porter's model of competitive strategies. Is it possible for a company to
have a sustainable competitive advantage when its industry becomes hyper
1. Draft the Questionnaire for assessing the consumers attitude towards two wheelers, select any two brands as per your choice.
2. Choose which source of data collection to be followed for the following products.
(a) Micro Oven
(b) Pesticides in Agro Industry
(c) Consumers perception on ICICI Prudential
(d) Financial Performance of SBI Life Insurance.
3. Draft a model research report for:
(a) Any one consumer durable product of your choice.
(b) Staff welfare facilities in any Manufacturing Industry.
4. Describe the process of data tabulation using SPSS.

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