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Ms-425 June, 2011 Electronic Banking and it in banks

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June, 2011

Ms-425 : Electronic Banking and it in banks

1.  Explain the term "Networked Bank". Describe the three major components of a Networked Bank. Briefly discuss the five major technologies which enable a networked bank.

2.  What is an ATM ? Explain the three major components of ATM. List a few advantages and limitations of ATM.

3.  Discuss the need for an Automated Document Handling System in a Bank. Explain the major issues/components involved in Document Handling.

4.  List the nine key activities normally carried out in conducting a business. Explain the specific functions associated with these activities in an electronic commerce setting. List the components of a three - layered electronic commerce architecture for supporting electronic commerce activities and functions.

5.  Explain what do you understand by 'Supply Chain Management (SCM)'. What functions are included in SCM ? "Technology is the enabler of SCM", Explain how ?

6.  Explain the Anomaly Detection and Signature Recognition methods for detecting intrusions in a network. Explain the mechanism of a Firewall as a measure for Network Security.

7.  Discuss the Human Resources of Information Systems. Illustrate with Examples Emerging Technologies and their uses requiring new skills expected of the human resources.

8.  What is a Data warehouse ? What advantages a data warehouse offers to a bank ? Illustrate with the help of appropriate examples.

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