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Ms-425 December, 2012 Electronic Banking and It In Banks

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December, 2012

Ms-425: Electronic Banking And It In Banks

1.  Explain the concept of a Local Area Network (LAN) and its advantages. Describe the basic elements of a LAN and their respective functions including LAN Hardware and Software Media, and Communication equipment.

2.  Explain the concept of Electronic Mail (E-mail) and list its advantages. How does one get connected to internet ? Describe the on-line (leased line and VSAT) and off-line (dial-up) method for establishing connectivity to internet.

3.  (a)  What is a DSS ? Explain the Interactive Decision-making process of DSS.

(b)  Describe the 10 essential characteristics of a Decision Support System.

4.  Explain the Shared Payment Network System (SPNS) for enabling transactions to be carried out from any of the ATMs connected to the Network. What are its advantages ? Also discuss how the fund settlement is done in SPNS.

5.  (a)  Explain the concept of Internet Banking.

(b)  List and describe the four major ,Security Issues in Internet Banking.

6.  (a)  Briefly describe the role of a clearing house in the clearance of cheques.

(b)  Explain the MICR clearing system.

7.  (a)  Define Electronics Commerce. What advantages does it offer over the traditional paper based commerce ?

(b)  Explain various Electronics Commerce activities and their functions.

8.  (a)  What is a data warehouse ? Explain the usefulness of a data warehouse for a bank.

(b)  Briefly describe the major steps involved in a data warehouse implementation. 

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