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Tuesday, 18 February 2014 10:06

Ms-423 June, 2011 Marketing of Financial Services

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June, 2011

Ms-423 : Marketing of Financial Services

1.  Explain the difference between products and services ? How do these differences impact the marketing process for financial services ?

2.  Describe the Pavlovian Learning Model and explain the marketing application of this model.

3.  Describe the various services and products that are offered by banks. Distinguish between Bank Guarantee and Letter of Credit.

4.  Explain the various methods used for pricing of financial products.

5.  What do you understand by Customer Relationship Management in banks ? Explain the various activities that constitute customer relationship marketing.

6.  Discuss the various financial instruments that are used for project financing and point out their advantages to the investors.

7.  Describe the various constituents of a mutual fund. Explain the working mechanism of an Asset Management Company.

8.  What are networked banks? Explain the various strategies that can be used to compete as a networked bank. 

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