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Ms-63 December, 2009 Product Management

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December, 2009

Ms-63 : Product Management



1. Distinguish between the following giving suitable examples :

(a) Shopping and Speciality goods

(b) Product Line and Product Mix

(c) Product Positioning and Product Differentiation.

(d) Market Potential and Market demand.

2. (a) Comment upon the significance of branding for consumer products in today's competitive marketing environment.

(b) How would your approach to packaging be different while marketing industrial goods as compared to consumer goods ? Explain giving examples.

3. (a) Taking the example of a toothpaste, explain how you can generate new product ideas using Attribute Analysis.

(b) Explain the various interpretations of the term 'new product' giving suitable examples.

4. Write short notes on any three of the following :

(a) Bases for Product Line Extension

(b) Product Portfolio concept and its  importance for marketers.

(c) Organising for new product development at the corporate level.

(d) Industrial designing

(e) Break-even analysis


5. (a) You have been asked to manage the test marketing effort of a company, introducing its new product, a herbal cold cream, in the market. Explain how you would select the test market, decide upon the test market duration and collect data from the test markets.

(b) Briefly explain the concept of Product Life Cycle. What in your view is the stage in which touch screen mobile phones are in the Indian market ? Based on your answer suggest appropriate promotion strategies.

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