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Ms-63 December 2012 Product Management

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December 2012

Ms-63 : Product Management


1.  (a)  Discuss the various pricing methods available to marketers to price the products giving suitable examples.

(b)  What Pricing strategy would you recommend to introduce a range of fruit juices in the market for a firm having twin objectives of creating mass awareness and sales ? Discuss.

2.  (a)  What are the dimensions of Brand Image ? What are the inputs, outcome and Assessment Criterion of Brand Building exercise ? Explain.

(b)  What are the various tools available for positioning decision-making ? Taking the example of any  FMCG  product of your choice, explain how perceptual map can be used for positioning the product.

3.  (a)  As a part of Economic Analysis of New Product ideas/concept what methods are used to forecast sales. Discuss.

(b)  What is the purpose of doing Break-even Analysis in economic analysis and how it is

calculated ? Discuss in brief.

4.  Write short notes on any three of the following :

(a)  Various Product Management Decisions.

(b)  Marketing implications and strategies of PLC stages.

(c)  I mportance of Packaging in Marketing.

(d)  Organisation structures suggested for New Product Development

(e)  Industrial  Designing in Product Development.


5. Read the case study and answer the questions given at the end of the case.

Position Application A new product development team at Colgate-Palmolive is developing a new fairness cream for men. The team conducted the market research and found that Indian prefer flavoured cream with a lighter menthol in it to give a soothing effect. The Colgate-Palmolive team, as a result, began developing a product for this niche.

The new product has to compete with the established players in the market. As a positioning manager responsible for the success of this product, decide upon the positioning strategies and answer the following questions :

(a)  Suggest an appropriate positioning strategy for the fairness cream to be introduced.

(b)  What appropriate Brand Name would you suggest and why ?

(c)  How do you feel that the three concepts of: Positioning, product differentiation and

Market Segmentation have to be related to each other ? Explain. 

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