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Monday, 17 February 2014 10:07

Ms-62 December 2012 Sales Management

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December 2012

Ms-62 : Sales Management


1.  Briefly explain the personal selling process. Discuss the importance of 'Sales Resistance' in the selling process. How do sales persons cope up with the same ? Support your answer by citing example of a consumer durable good.

2.  Define negotiation. Explain the steps involved in the negotiation process by taking example of an industrial good. Briefly explain the various negotiation strategies involved.

3.  What are the basic objectives of a good sales force monitoring system? List and briefly explain the parameters used to monitor salesforce of a company selling FMCG products.

4.  Write short notes on any three of the following :

(a)  Principles of effective presentations.

(b)  Centralization versus Decentralization in sales organizations.

(c)  I mportance of sales quotas.

(d)  Interdependence of sales and distribution.

(e)  Qualities of good Sales personnel.


5. You have been retained as a consultant to develop sales training programme to improve productivity of middle-level sales managers of a company manufacturing personal-care products like shampoos, creams and moisturizers etc. Describe the key features of the training programme devised by you. 

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