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Ms-58 June, 2013 Management Of R&D and Innovation

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June, 2013

Ms-58 : Management Of R&D and Innovation

1. (a) "Business is a fluid, dynamic living thing, sometimes building to great things, sometimes failing to crumpled lumps". Discuss the above fact keeping in mind technology and corporate growth.

(b) Distinguish between Basic and Applied Research with at least one practical example.


Distinguish between Basic and Experimental Research with at least one practical example.

2. (a) With the help of schematic line diagram, describe the objectives and purpose of Corporate Function of R & D so as to impart to the organization of a competitive advantage.

(b) With the help of a graph, describe the six stages of development i.e. Technology development, Technology application, Technology launch, Technology growth, Technology maturity and Technology decline.

3. (a) Give a brief introduction of Technological Innovation. List some of the distinctive

characteristics of Innovators.

(b) Prepare an illustrative checklist for Project Evaluation in respect of corporate objectives, marketing and financial criteria.

4. (a) Classify India's R & D infrastructure into appropriate categories.

(b) What are the resources for Research and Development (R & D) ? Illustrate the interrelationship of natural, human and institutional resources.

5. (a) Whenever the technology flows from one country to another country subjected to some terms and conditions, the process is termed as Technology Transfer. From your understanding of the technology transfer process, briefly describe some challenges or barriers to the flow of technology. (Hint : One such challenge is lack of top management commitment).

 (b) Describe the procedure followed by the Patent's Office for the award of Patent to

any organization/institution.

6. Write short notes on any four of the following :

(a) Creative Destruction

(b) Zero-based budgeting

(c) Partnership

(d) Team Leader

(e) Sponsored Research

(f) Technology Transfer

(g) IPRs

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