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Ms-56 December, 2011 Materials Management

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December, 2011

Ms-56 : Materials Management

1.  (a) What are the objectives of materials management ? Discuss its importance and strategic role in any manufacturing organisation.

(b) How does TQM support in creating customer value in materials management ?

2(a) Briefly discuss the problems that a buyer may encounter while entering the international market for the first time.

(b)Mention the basic principles and techniques to be followed in purchase by negotiation.

3. (a) Explain the material requirement planning (MRP) algorithm with the help of a flow chart.

(b)  Some people say just - in - ti me  (JIT) is simply one more inventory control system. Do you agree with them?  Why and why not ?

4. (a)  Discuss the role of PERT/CPM  in controlling the WIP inventories.

(b) Explain the LIFO method of inventory flow. When this method is used ?

5. (a) Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of centralized warehouse and decentralized warehouse.

(b)  Describe various measures that can be adopted to prevent shrinkage in warehouse.

6. (a) What is a Manufacturing Execution System ( MES) ? What benefits can be achieved by implementation of MES ?

(b)  Explain the Balanced Scorecard approach for performance appraisal and discuss how is it useful in materials management. 

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