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Ms-56 December, 2012 Materials Management

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December, 2012

Ms-56 : Materials Management

1.  (a)  Describe the three interfaces that Materials Logistics Management (MLM) program covers.

(b)  Explain the role of materials management in conserving the environment.

2.  (a)  What is 'sub contracting'? Discuss its advantages and its effect on the output.

(b)  Explain the differences between purchase by competitive bidding and purchase by negotiation.

3.  (a)  Explain with the help of a flow diagram the required activities of a Manufacturing Planning & Control (MPC) system.

(b)  Explain the push-system with the help of Manufacturing Resources Planning (MRP-II)  and the pull-system by Just-in-time production system (JIT).

4.  (a)  State the role of backlog list in a CONWIP system. What is the trigger of releasing jobs into production in a CONWIP based production line ?

(b)  Describe the most appropriate situation for the application of the specific cost inventory flow method.

5.  (a)  Discuss the stages of receiving procedure of incoming materials.

(b)  Describe the various measures that can be adopted to prevent shrinkage in are houses.

6.  (a)  Highlight the features of Manufacturing Execution System (MES) in achieving Total Quality Management (TQM).

(b)  What are the matrices of performance appraisal in materials management ? 

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