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Ms-54 December, 2009 Management Of Information Systems

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December, 2009

Ms-54 : Management Of Information Systems

1. (a) Discuss the various models for the decision making process.

(b) Define Management Information Systems and discuss various characteristics expected of a good MIS.

2. (a) How do you trace the growth of MIS function in an organisation ?

(b) Describe the major phases in MIS design. Compare these phases with Research and

Development Projects.

3. (a) Explain in detail with examples, what are the characteristics which go into the making of a high - quality system/programme.

(b) Describe the major steps in implementation of MIS design. Are they overlapping or exclusive ? Explain with examples.

4(a) Discuss the main functions of any data communication software.

(b) Describe the various applications to which networks can be put for use.

5(a) What are the different types of MIS used in different functional areas of business by

organizations ? Explain with examples.

(b) Discuss the different phases of Traditional System Life Cycle ?

6(a) Discuss different types of data in database system. What are the developments in

database technology with respect to data types.

(b) What are the practical difficulties of using an Operational System's database to service the information needs of strategic decision - making ?

7(a) What do you mean by Business Intelligence ? What is an OLAP engine ?

(b) Differentiate between DSS, MIS and ELS with the help of suitable examples.

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