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Sunday, 16 February 2014 15:27

Ms-46 June 2010 Management of Financial Services

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June, 2010

MS-46 : Management of Financial Services

1. Discuss the different types of risks faced by the financial services firms ? Explain the strategies available to manage the credit risk ?

2. What are the distinctive characteristics of financial services ? In what way does information technology affect the financial services sector from the providers' point of view ? Discuss.

3. Explain the concept of securities depositories ? Discuss the importance and functioning of the securities depository system.

4. What do you understand by Initial Public Offer ? Describe its process of public issues and the salient features of the SEBI guidelines regarding the Initial Public Offer.

5. What do you mean by securitisation of Assets ? Describe the process of securitisation. Emphasize the role of Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) and other parties in the transaction of assets securitisation.

6. Discuss the functions undertaken by National Housing Bank. What restrictions are imposed by it on housing finance companies regarding acceptance of deposits ?

7. Define insurance and explain its basic characteristics ? Discuss in detail the different

types of insurable risks.

8. Write short notes on any four  of the following :

(a) Income funds

(b) Investment banks

(c) Certificates of deposits

(d) Utility ratings

(e) Public liability insurance

(f) Hire purchase system

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