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Ms-22 june 2009

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MS-22    June, 2009



1. Define  HRD  and  discuss  value-anchored processes  of  HRD.  Explain  how do  these  processes help  an  organization in  achieving excellence. Explain  with  relevant examples.

2. What  is  Action Research  ?  How  does  it differ from OD  ?  Discuss the  important  factors  to  be considered in  the  development of  internal self-renewal  facilitators,  with  suitable  examples.

3. Define  and  describe  the  objectives  and disadvantages  of  Multisource Feedback  and Assessment  Feedback  System  (MAFS).  Discuss what  are the  indicators  of  an  organization's readiness  to  participate in  MAFS ?

4. Discuss  the means  of  managing technological changes  in work  organization.  Briefly describe  the factors  which  facilitate  developing the  change mind-set.  Explain with  suitable  examples.

5. Write  short notes  on any three  of  the following:

(a)  Need for  competency  mapping

(b)  Diversity  management

(c)  Horizontal re-skilling

(d)  Mentoring

(e)  Role  of Trade  Unions  in  HRD


6.  Read  the  csse  and  answer  the  questions  giaen  at the end.

ABC  Food  Limited,  a  multinational corporation  dealing  in  consumer  food  products,

started  its operations  in  India from  1965. Initially,  the  growth  of  the  company has

been  very  slow,  because  of  the  limited  market  size in  India  for  ready food  items.  However, during the  last  three  years  there  has  been  a  boom  in  the fast  food market  and many new companies  have ventured into  the same  product line.  ABC Food Limited,  being  an  old  company  operating  in  India, has  distinct advantages  vis-a-vis  its competitors who  are of recent  standing.  The  products of the company  have enjoyed  very  good reputation in the  market from  the day of its inception.  Over a period  of  time,  the company  has added many new  products which  have  been  successfully accepted  by  the market. In  view  of  the recent competition offered to  its  existing product  line, the  company  has launched a number  of  new products in  the  last three  years.  Based  on  the Market  Research  Survey conducted by  the company regarding  acceptance  of  their  new products, the feedback  has  been  excellent.  There is  ample scope  for  the  company  to penetrate  into   the  existing rnarkets  as  well  as  expand the  size  of the  existi.g  market by  introducing  its  products into  areas  in  which  the  company  does not  have any marketing set-up till  date.

The organisational  set-up of  the  company in  India  consists  of  Marketing  Director  at  the corporate  level  and  four  Zonal  Managers Marketing,  each  in  charge  of  East,  West, North, South zone independently. The  order  of  promotion  in  Marketing Department is Management  Trainee – Marketing Officer  -  Branch  Manager -  Regronal  Manager -Zonal Manager -  Director  Marketing. Mr.  Khan joined  the company  in  1982  as  a Management Trainee, Marketing  and  after completion of two  years  of rigorous  Management Training in  all  the  four zonal  offices,  he  was  placed in Bombay Zonal  Office as  Marketing  Officer. Mr. Khan  did  his  MBA  in  1982  after  graduating  in Commerce.  He was selected  on  the  basis  of Campus  Interview  by the  company.  Mr. Khan has been  recognized  as  an outstanding  officer  based on his  previous Performance  Appraisal  Reports throughout  his  career  with  the  company  by

different  bosses  with whom he  had  worked during the relevant time.

    The company's  performance  appraisal system  has  been  recently  updated  and modified with  the  cooperation  and  consultation  of  an outside  consultant  in the  area  of Human Resource Development.  The  thrust of the  new performance appraisal  system  is  on mutual  consultation  and fixation  of target  on the  basis  of joint  discussion between  the  appraisee  and  the  appraiser.  Another distinct feature  of  the new  system  is that  it  has two-tier  system of  assessment,  one  by  the immediate boss  under  whom  the appraisee  is working  and second  by the  boss  of the  reporting officer.

The  immediate  boss  of  Mr.Khan  is  Mr. Singh, who is  in the  grade  of Branch  Manager  but placed at  Zonal Office, Bombay.  During  the last  three years,  Mr.Khan  and Mr.  Singh  have  been  given the  assignment  of  conducting Market Research in  various  parts  of  the  country  with  the help  of an advertising  company.  In  this connection  both have  to travel extensively  to different parts  of the country,  being  away from  their  families  and permanent  place  of  work  at times  for  even  more than  15 days in  a  month.  Mr.  Dutt,  the  Zonal Manager,  Marketing in charge  of Bombay  division since  1985,  was  transferred  on  promotion  as Zonal Manager form  Northern  Zane where he  was working  as Regional Manger. He  has been observing the  working  of Mr.  Khan as  reviewing officer,  being the  immediate boss  of  Mr.  Singh. During  this  period, Mr.  Dutt  had  developed  a fancy  for  Mr.Khan  being smart, energetic  and

dynamic  in  his  approach  to  work.  He  has been talking good  about  him to  Mr. Singh  from  time  to time. However, during  some  of  the  trips  to outstation which  were jointly  undertaken by Mr. Khan and Mr. Singh,  Mr.Singh  observed  that Mr.  Khan has started  taking his work  lightly  as he  tends  to  spend more time  with  clients in informal  get-togethers  instead  of serious  business discussions.  Moreover,  he  has  developed  tendency of overcharging  his  expenses  on  such  tours  to the company.  So  far,  all  such  expenses  were authorized  by  Mr. Singh  for  payment  to  Mr. Khan. Keeping  in  mind  Mr.Khan's  excellent performance,  Mr.Singh  has  been  avoiding bringing  it  to  Mr.  Khan's  notice. Mr. Singh  has  to  fill  up the  Appraisal  Report of  Mr.Khan for  the calendar  year 1988.  For the last three years,  ever since  Mr.  Khan  started working  wit-h Mr.Singh, he has been getting excellent  reports from  Mr.Singh. In  view  of  the above developments,  Mr.Singh has  not  given  an excellent report  to  Mr.  Khan for  the  Appraisal Year 1988.  He  has also  made certain adverse remarks  about his integrity  and honesty.

  Mr.  Khan is  due  for  promotion  and the Appraisal Report  for  1988  is very  important  for him  because  as  per the promotion  policy of  the company,  promotions  are  decided  on  the  basis  of the  last  three  years'  appraisal  reports.

Questions  :

(a)  Identify  and discuss  the core  issue  in  the case.

(b) Was Mr.  Singh  justified  in  giving  adverse remarks  regarding  Mr. Khan's  integrity and honesty?

(c)  How  would  you  view  the  action  of Mr.Singh, if  you  were the  M.D.  of  the company?

(d)  If  you were  the  M.D. of the  company,  how do  you solve  the  issue?

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