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MS-1   June, 2011



1. 'Merely designing the organisation structure with efficient groupings to suit its specific requirements may not achieve the desired goals. However, ensuring functional

integration of these differentiated groups towards the organisational objectives assumes

great significance. Elaborate this statement and discuss the underlying concept with

suitable examples.

2. Enumerate various leadership styles, discuss any two of these, and their significance in the present day context of globalisation. Explain with example.

3. How do Traditional , Behavioural and Interactionist views explain the process of conflict ? Evaluate the changes which take place within and between the groups as a result of long - standing inter - group conflict.

4. 'A decision maker may not have complete knowledge about decision alternatives and

outcome of the chosen alternative. These conditions of knowledge are often referred to

as "the states of Nature". Discuss this statement and highlight the underlying concepts

with suitable examples.

5. Write short notes on any three of the following :

i)   Barriers to effective communication

ii) Managerial skills

iii) MBO

iv) Control Process

v) Types of Power

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