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Shivaji university semester-2 assignments MBA (Code: shivaji university sem-1)

Shivaji university semester-2 assignments MBA
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Shivaji university semester-2 assignments MBA Shivaji university semester-2 assignments MBA Shivaji university semester-2 assignments MBA


Shivaji university semester-2 assignments SOLVED ASSIGNMENT HELP 2016-17
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MBA (Executive) Distance Mode & MBA Distance Mode
Assignment Questions – MBA Part-2

P- IX: Marketing Management
Q1. What is Marketing? Explain core concepts of Marketing.
Q2. What is Consumer Behaviour? Explain factors influencing consumer
Q3. Explain new product development process.
P-X: Financial Management
Q1. The following estimated information is provided by Mr. CA:
Months       Sales Purchases      Factory Office Overheads Overheads
Apirl                 2,50,000                 1,50,000            42,000          24,000
May                  2,80,000                 1,60,000            45,000          24,000
June                  3,00,000                 1,80,000            36,000          27,000
July                   3,50,000                 1,70,000            57,000          30,000
August              3,00,000                 1,60,000            45,000          30,000
September        2,80,000                  1,80,000            60,000         42,000
Additional information:
a) 20% of the sales are cash sales. The credit sales may be recovered within onemonth of the sales.
b) 40% of the purchases are on credit basis and can be paid with two months


c) Wages are 20% of the purchases and are paid on every 7th day of the
next month.
d) Factory and office overheads are paid with 10 days and 20 days in arrears.
e) Advance Income-tax Rs. 20,000/- is to be deposited in the month of July.
f) Balance as on
31st May 2010 was Rs. 50,000/-
You are required to prepare Cash Budget for the period from 1
st June to
30th September 2010 .

Q2. EXCOM Limited, Pune wants to purchase a new machine for the
There are two alternative machines available, the details of which are as
Particulars                                  Machine A                 Machine B
Cost (Rs.)                                      6,00,000                      5,00,000
Life                                                    5 Years                         4 Years
Year                                                  Net profit after depreciation and tax
1st                                                                    40,000 (loss)  1,50,000
2nd                                                                  40,000              1,00,000
3rd                                                                 1,00,000              1,00,000
4th                                                                1,50,000                 50,000
5th                                                                 2,50,000                        ---
Depreciation has been charged by straight line method. The company expects minimum rate of return at 10% at which the present value of Re. 1 to be received at end of each year is given below:
Year                       1              2        3        4            5
Present value 0.909      0.826 0.751 0.683 0.621
You are required advice the management which of the alternative machines is the best on the basis of the following methods appraisal:
a) Pay back period b) Average rate of return on investment
c) Net Present Value d) Profitability Index.
Q3. Write notes on any two
i. Operating & Financial Leverage
ii. Meaning & Objectives of financial management
iii. Cost of Capital
P-XI: Human Resources Management
Q1. Explain scope and functions of Human Resource Management?
Q2. Discuss the role of HRM in External and internal environment?
Q3. Define Recruitment and give Sources of Recruitment?
P-XII: Production and Operations Management
Q1. Explain the term ‘maintenance’. Discuss the types of maintenance in detail.
Q2. Explain the concept and elements of Production Planning and Control.
Q3. Write short notes on any two
i) Selective inventory control
ii) Procedure of purchasing
iii) Factors affecting location
P-XIII: Management Information System
Q1. What is DSS? With the help of diagram explain components of DSS.
Explain DSS for Supply Chain Management and for Customer relationship
Q2. What is DBMS? Explain various database models and enlist DBMS
Q3. Explain SDLC and Prototype models of software development with their
strengths and weaknesses.
P-XIV: Application of Operation Research in Management
Detailed steps in problem solution have to be written. Writing only the solution would
not be granted any marks.
Q1. Solve the following Linear Programming Problem by Graphical Method Max Z = 6 x
1 + 8 x2 Subjected to 5 x1 + 10 x2 60, 4 x1 + 4 x2 40, x1 0, x2 0
Q2. Solve the following Linear Programming Problem by Simplex Method Max Z = 4 x1 + 10 x2 Subjected to 2 x1 + x2 50, 2 x1 + 3 x2 90, x1 0, x2 0.
Q3. Find the starting solution in the following transportation problem by North
– West Corner Rule


P-XV: Application of Research Methodology in Management
Q1. What do you mean by research? Explain the motivating factors in research?
Q2. As a researcher how will you decide the sample size of your research?
Q3. Discuss in detail the role of research in important areas of general
P-XVI: Business and Economic Environment
Q1. Overview on role of agriculture and industry in economic development of
Q2. Elaborate the balance of payment theory and purchasing power parity
theory of exchange rates.
Q3. What are the causes of disequilibrium in Balance of Payment (BOP)?
Discuss the methods of correcting disequilibrium in the BOP.



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