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Ms-7 Dec 2008

MS-7   Dec, 2008


1. (a) Define the Internet, Intranet and E-Commerce. Discuss the advantages of E-Commerce over conventional business.

(b) Describe the main components of a network including hardware and software.

2. (a) Discuss the objectives and process of computer aided decision support system.

     (b) Describe the decision making process of acquiring application software.

3. (a) Define MIS. Describe the functions that MIS supports in an organisation.

     b) What are the various ways of assessing the value of information ? Explain each method briefly.

4. a) Explain the different types of controls and audits required for an information system.

b) Elaborate your understanding regarding computer virus and protection strategy.

5. (a) What are integrated software applications ? Discuss about their advantages and business applications.

(b) What is the most common form of IT enabled organizational change ?

6. (a) Discuss the various phases of System Development Life Cycle.

(b) Differentiate between DSS, MIS & EIS with the help of suitable examples.

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