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Ms-7 Dec 2007

MS-7   Dec, 2007



1. (a) Define Inforrnation Technology (lT) and discuss the advancements in the field of IT.

(b) What is Open Systems Interconnection Reference model (OSI model) ? Describe the seven layers of OSI model.

2. (a) What are various methods of assessing the value of information ? Explain any two methods briefly.

b) Discuss the importance of "right to privacy" and "freedom of information'' in Indian societv.

3 a) What is the change in the focus of Operations Management ? Is this change in the focus due to the increase of competitiveness in business ? Elaborate the role of IT in this regard.

b) Identify the transaction modules in marketing area. Discuss the four sub-systems concerned with Marketing Information System

4 a)Enumerate the advantages and disadvantages outsourcing information systems.

b) What is HTML ? Discuss the main features HTML.

5 a) Explain how data mining is different from online analytical processing (OLAP).

b) What are the characteristics of decision support systems ? What are its components ?

6. Write short notes on any two of the following :

a) Non-volatile storage

b) Knowledge Managemenr

c) Genetic algorithms

7 - Read the case given below and answer the questions given at the end.

Case Study :

In Trading private Limited Situated just outside of New Delhi in the state of Haryana, In Trading is an exclusive manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Indian wooden ethnic furniture and furniture accessories to Europe, the United states,

the Far east. Middle East, and Africa, In Trading manufactures a wide range of wooden furniture made from Indian hardwoods such as sheesham, maple, oak, teak, and mango. Growing business demands, as well as the competitive furniture industry, led In Trading to evaluate and deploy Microsoft  Business solutions, which has led to cost savings and higher productivity.

According to market experts, the demand for furnilure is likely to expand exponentially in the next few years. l:urope will be the largest market at 45 percent,

followed by North America and the caribbean at 28 percent, and then Asia with 15 percent of the world. market. In essence, if a firm targets these top three regions; they cover 88 percent of the worldwide demand for furniture. The lndian furniture market is estimated to be worth U.S. $7 billion,/Rs. 280 billion,

ln Trading currently operates from a single location in the industrial town of IMT Manesar. where the manufacturing takes place. The company's corporate offices are located there as well. Manufacturing is done in a mechanized, assembly-like manner. In Trading supplies vooden furniture and furniture-related products to the best-of-breed department stores, chain stores, and retail outlets in Europe and the United States. the company's annual sales is over u.s, $3 million,/Rs. 120 million. Competitive prices, large production capacity, committed business dealings, and timely deliveries add to their reputation in the international market. Prior to implemenling the new solution,

In Trading used Tally as the financial and inventory package and a home-grown solution {or payroll management. The older Tally solution did not allow the organization to track inventory or its orders to completion. The lack of information made it difiicult for the management to make effective business decisions.

In trading faced the challenge of meeting delivery demands on time maintaining stringent product and service quality. It decided to implement a , cost- elfective business solution that would monitor all business processes and provide adequate information so that company management could make correct business decisions much more rapidly.

In Trading management decided to implement the Microsoft@ Business solutions to bring about transparency and streamline its business processes. In Trading's business processes have dramatically improved with the implementation of Business solutions.

. The new system has allowed the organization to enhance quality control systems, production processes, and on-time delivery scheduling.

Questions :

(a) Explain why the old non-integrated functional system created problems for In Trading and how integrated applications have helped.

(b) Discuss the Microsoft Business Solutions and comment on which modules were applicable in this case.

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