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Ms-66 December, 2012 Marketing Research

December, 2012

Ms-66 : Marketing Research


1. For each of the following situations, indicate the most appropriate Research Design, giving reasons.

(a)  A Brand Manager wishes to have a better understanding of the image of his/her brand.

(b)  An environmental group decides to conduct an experiment to measure the impact of a publicity brochure designed to raise consumers' awareness about environmental issues and to convince them to recycle.

(c)  A company wants to develop a solar powered mosquito repellent and wants to get an idea of its possible market.

2.What are the different scales used for altitude measurement in marketing research? Explain with suitable examples.

3.  (a)  Explain the steps involved in a sampling process.

(b)  With relevant examples, explain the various probability sampling methods.

4.  Write short notes on any three of the following :

(a)  Methods of conducting Qualitative Research.

(b)  Conjoint analysis Vs Discriminant analysis

(c)  Multi dimensional Scaling.

(d)  Sources of Secondary Data.

(e)  Scope of Marketing Research.


5.  With the onset of summer, demand for petrol/kerosene generators and battery operated inverters increases in the Household (Domestic) segment. Draft a questionnaire, to help gather information for a Marketing Research Project to study consumer perception, purchase criteria usage pattern and satisfaction of  generators/invertors for this segment. 

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