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Ms-6 Dec 2009

MS-6   Dec, 2009

MS-6 : Marketing for managers


1.(a) Explain the term Marketing and distinguish it from "Selling".

(b) Identify the elements of Marketing Mix for Services. Explain the same taking the

example of a service industry of your choice.

2.(a) Explain briefly the considerations involved in designing a marketing organisation.

(b) Explain the relevance of marketing research for a FMCG Company marketing product like soaps, detergents etc.

3. (a) Taking the example of any consumer durable product of your choice, explain the stages in the buyer decision process.

(b) What is new product development strategy ? As a product manager, discuss the various steps that you would consider in the development process of a new product.

4. Write short notes on any three of the following :

a) Approaches to sales forecasting

b) Merchant middlemen

(c) Classification of Consumer Product

d) Reference group

e) Limitations of Cyber Marketing

5. Mr. 'X' has developed a new product which will help people to get rid of the habit of smoking. The product is made of some herbs and has no side effect. Mr 'X' is now in the process of giving a suitable name for this Unique Product and subsequently wishes to market it in Western India. Assuming that you have been hired as a consultant, suggest suitable answer for the following questions :

Questions :

a) Suggest an appropriate name for the product and justify your choice.

b)Explain the SIP strategy for the above product.

(c) How would you go about in creating awareness and educating the target audience for the product ?

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