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Ms-54 December 2011 Management of Information Systems

December 2011

Ms-54  :  Management of Information Systems

1. (a)  Discuss the information requirement for different stages of decision making.

(b)  Differentiate between physical structure and conceptual structure of information systems.

2. (a)  What do you understand by strategic planning for MIS ? Explain the relationship between corporate MIS plan and top management.

(b)  Briefly explain the various stages of a system development life cycle. How are the efforts distributed over these phases ?

3. (a)  What is real-time system ? Explain how the problems in real-time scheduling are handled ?

(b)  Trace the evolution of data modelling concepts with examples.

4. (a)  Explain the main functions of data communication software.

(b)  What is network ? Discuss the function and characteristics of local area network.

5. (a)  Explain the evolution of the concept for organising data during the last 25 years.

(b)  What is Decision Support System (DSS) ? Explain how DSS is different than MIS.

6. (a)  Explain Business Intelligence. How it can help an organisation to gain competitive advantages ?

(b)  Discuss the Legal aspects of computerised society.

Ms-54 June, 2011 Management of Information Systems
Ms-54 December, 2012 Management Of Information Sys...


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