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Ms-52 December 2012 Project Management

December, 2012

Ms-52 : Project Management

1. The following information is given of a project :

Activity :

1215 23243646565 76878


(Months :

4 2 2 6 3 9 5 7 1 10

 (a) Draw the Project diagram.

(b) Determine the project completion time.

(c) Identify the critical path and activities.

(d) Calculate the total float of each activity.

(e) Explain the difference between total float and slack.

2. (a) Elaborate your understanding about Pre-feasibility study of industrial project.

(b) What are different levels of forecasting ? Also explain the errors in demand forecasting.

3. (a) Discuss briefly the various methods of economic analysis of projects.

(b) "Projects should be formulated primarily to meet the needs and wants of customers ."Highlight the importance of market analysis in project management.

4. (a) Discuss the various methods of resource allocation in any project.

(b) What is matrix organisation ? Explain its advantages and disadvantages in project management.

5. (a) Elaborate your understanding regarding management of contracting for materials and equipment in project environment.

(b) Explain the factors affecting the control of project cost.

6. (a) Describe the objectives, planning procedure and organisation structure required for commissioning of projects.

(b) Explain how cybernetics concepts applied to project management. 

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