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MS-46 December 2009 Management of Financial Services

December, 2009

Ms-46 : Management of Financial Services

1. "External risk arises mainly due to certain developments that take place outside the financial services company. The sources of these risks vary for different services". Explain this statement and discuss these sources of risk that are applicable to different services.

2. What are the main aspects which the merchant banker takes into consideration while selecting a public issue proposal. Discuss the various pre-issue activities undertaken by merchant banker for raising funds from the capital markets.

3. What are the various debt instruments issued by companies, Non-Bank Finance companies and Financial Institutions to raise funds from the market ? Describe their main features.

4. Explain the concept of credit cards ? In addition to credit facility what other facilities and services, are extended by credit card organisations to their customers.

5. What are the principal and other contingencies covered under the life insurance contract ?

6. Discuss the embedded options that are available under life insurance policies. What is leasing ? Classify leasing based on the terms and conditions on which an asset is leased ? Discuss the rights and obligations of the lessor and lessee in a lease contract.

7. Explain the following statements :

(a) 'Transacting the depository way is more advantageous than transacting the traditional way'.

(b)  'Life insurance plans are effective ways of saving taxes'.

(c)  'Credit rating of debt instruments helps the investors in managing credit risk in investment decisions'.

(d) 'Venture capital is quite distinct from other forms of finances ?

8. Write short notes on any four of the following :

(a) Acceptance house

(b) Financial Restructuring

(c) Self Regulation

(d) Securitisation of housing loan

(e) Employer - employee Liability

(f) Mutual Funds

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