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Ms-3 Dec 2011

MS-3 – Dec-2011


1."Management movement in India has been strong and distinct compared to trade unionism and consumerism". Discuss the statement highlighting the implications of professionalisation of management.

2. Briefly analyse the growth and structure of private   sector. What according to you are the major differences between private and public sector ?

3. Analyse the major trends in the growth of India's   foreign trade. Also discuss why developing country needs to participate in Foreign Trade ?

4. Critically examine the recommendations of the Tax Reforms Committee.

5. Write short notes on any four of the following.

(a) Laissez - faire type of Economy.

(b) Industrial Licensing

(c) OTCEI (Over the Table Counter Exchange of India)

(d) Balance of Payment Account.

(e) Economic Reforms and control of inflation

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