MS-21    June, 2009


1. Describe  any two  models of  group  development and  discuss  how  group  effectiveness  could be improved.

2. What  is Perception  ?  Discuss the  implications  of Perception  in organis ational  functioning.  Illustrate with  examples.

3. Describe  the  importance  of  Behaviour Modification  in  organizations  and briefly  discuss the  importance  of  ethics  in  behaviour modification.

4. How  are  organisations  also  political entities  ?  Discuss  how  political  behaviour  is inevitable  in  organisations ?  Illustrate  with examples.

5. Write  short notes  on any three  of the following  :

(a)  Emotional intelligence.

(b)  Work  ethics.

©  Importance  of  counselling.

(d)  Corporate culture.

       e)  Role of  Punishment in  learning.