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Ms-1 Dec 2007


  1. "Merely designing the  organisation structure with efficient groupings to suit its  specific requirements may not achieve the desired goals. However ensuring functional integration of these differentiated groups towards the organizational objectives assumes great significance.','   Elaborate this statement and  discuss the underlying issues, with suitable examples.


2. What kind of decisions:is a manager generally required to make in organisational context ? Differentiate between decision making under risk and under conflict or competition, with suitable examples

3. what are the basic features of delegation ? what problems do managers generally face in implementing delegation ? Briefly discuss the essential prerequisites for effective delegation.

4. Define and distinguish between the dimensions and determinants of organisational culture. Briefly discuss how culture and ethos are maintained in organisations.

5. Write short notes on any threeof the following :

(a) Delphi Technique

(b) Johari Window

c)   Leadership Styles

d)   Matrix Structure

e)     Span of Control

Ms-2 Dec 2011
Ms-1 Dec 2008


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